Portsmouth CAZ Opens

Portsmouth CAZ Opens


A new Clean Air Zone (CAZ) has kicked into action in Portsmouth.

The CAZ came into effect last week across the South West of Portsmouth. Drivers of non-compliant vehicles will now need to pay a toll to enter the area.


Who Does it Apply to?

The charge applies to diesel vehicles that don’t meet Euro 6 standards. It also applies to petrol vehicles that don’t meet Euro 4 standards. This means it will most affect larger vehicles such as lorries and buses. Private hire vehicles such as taxies will also need to pay the charge. Standard cars, motorcycles, and vans will be exempt along with emergency vehicles and military parades. Those who do have to pay will face a £50 daily charge to enter the zone.

Why is it Being Introduced?

The new CAZ is part of the Portsmouth council’s effort to improve air quality in the city. They also hope this step will have a positive environmental impact in the area. They encourage local residents to think about how they can have an impact.



Where is it in Portsmouth?


The Zone covers the South West area of Portsmouth including Gunwharf Quays and the University of Portsmouth North Zone. Drivers that don’t pay the daily charge within 6 days of traveling in the zone will face a £120 fine.




Cabinet member Cllr Dave Ashmore said:

“There are so many ways we can all make a difference to the air quality in our city. As a council, we’re working on creating the best possible conditions for these changes. From installing on-street electric car charging points and bicycle parking to extending the rental e-scooter trial and prioritizing walking and cycling routes for residents.”



How can we help?


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Portsmouth CAZ Opens