Eye Tests for Drivers

Eye Tests for Drivers


A new study found drivers are missing out on regular eye checks.


The survey from Venson Automotive Solutions found many drivers weren’t having regular eye tests.

Having your eyes tested regularly is important to make sure your vision is safe for driving. Opticians and road safety experts recommend every adult have an eye test every two years. But drivers with eye issues should have checkups more often.

The survey found 40% of drivers skipped an eye checkup in the past two years.


What are the Rules?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) states that drivers must have a 6/12 vision as a minimum. Drivers of lorries and larger vehicles must have at least 6/7.5 vision. This is using the Snellen scale for vision. The DVLA says that if drivers need glasses to see clearly while driving then they must wear them.

Police have the authority to stop and deliver an eye test to anyone who is driving dangerously. Drivers caught without suitable ‘standards of vision for driving’ could face having their license revoked. Other penalties include a £1,000 fine or points on their license.

It is not a legal requirement for drivers to notify the DVLA if they need glasses since passing their test. But the study found that 1 in 3 drivers notify them anyway.

Other health conditions that could affect vision also mean drivers cannot operate larger vehicles. These include anxiety, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Drivers with these conditions should report them before operating large vehicles. Fleet operators have a responsibility to ensure all their drivers a road safe and well before hitting the road.




Alison Bell, marketing director for Venson said:

”If a fleet driver is unable to meet the required standards of vision the company could be liable as well as the driver. It is in the best interests of the fleet operator as well as the driver to ensure eye tests are carried out.”



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Eye Tests for Drivers