Our customer journey – video

This is a comprehensive video detailing the journey for all of our customers.

It includes:

  • applying
  • our free mobile app
  • filling up
  • accounting
  • online account portal
  • payment terms
  • card choice
  • customer service


Our Customer Journey

It’s our aim to make the whole process as easy as possible.



Fill out the form.

As well as the regular details,

  • Select what cards you want
  • Request a credit limit
  • Select how many cards
  • Choose the names to be embossed on the cards
  • If you want fraud protection
  • Fill out the direct debit
  • Then Sign it

We’ll also need a copy of your photo ID and signature.

All applications are subject to approval.

If everything is OK, your cards will be with you in 7 working days.


Our Free Mobile App

Our App was designed with the needs of our customers in mind.

You can get to the information you need in just a few taps.

A typical customer day…

“I need to fill up… Where’s the nearest station? I’ll pull over and use the Cambrian App!”

Tap the Fuel Station Locator app to get started.

Step 1

Tap the icon to select your station network.

Step 2

Press FIND NOW to use your current location OR enter a postcode then press FIND NOW.

Step 3

Select the desired station.

Step 4

Open navigation.

“I’ve found a site and I can collect drivers points!”.

Filling up

Ignore the pump price as you’ll be paying our weekly fixed price.

Fill your tank up as usual.

Insert your card and enter your PIN.




Online Account Portal

Our online portal allows our customers to access their account 24/7

You can:

  • View copy invoices
  • View history statements
  • Make transaction enquiries
  • View card details
  • Order new cards
  • Make stop card requests
  • Extract transactions

Payment Terms

We send itemised invoices weekly via email and our payment terms are normally twice monthly by direct debit.

There’s no hidden surprises on your invoices, you just pay for the fuel.

Card choice

If at any time you want to change your card there’s a variety to choose from.


Customer Service

The team at our UK-based call-centre give the highest priority to reacting immediately to customer needs.

Nearly all requests are completed within 15 minutes.

Our customers are assigned a dedicated account manager, who is trained to deal with almost any enquiry.

We’re an award-winning, family run business.

And we’ve been delivering great service for over 40 years.