Summer Driving Tips Infographic

10 top summer driving tips

Summer Driving Tips

Summer is arriving earlier and getting hotter. These are some tips to help you prepare for driving in warmer temperatures.


Top up your fluids

Make sure your coolant, windscreen wash and engine oil are at the correct level.


Cool Car

Park your car in the shade, open your windows and put the aircon on before you start your journey.



Have a drink at regular intervals to counter the effects of the heat.



This is the UK, so expect the weather to change dramatically.


Avoid sunglare

Always have a pair of sunglasses handy and make sure your visors are in perfect working order.


Tyre condition

Make sure your tyre pressure is correct. Over-inflated tyres are most likely to rupture.


Look out

Be more vigilante of others using the roads for leisure, holiday travel and agriculture purposes.


Switch off engine

If you’re stuck in traffic, limit you engines chances of overheating by turning off the engine.



Take the correct level of medication and make sure it doesnt interfere with your driving.



Heat accelerates battery corrosion and evaporates the batterys liquid electrolyte.


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