Osprey Announces Rapid Chargers

Osprey Announces Rapid Chargers
Osprey Charging has announced its plan to install over 150 rapid electric vehicles (EV) charging hubs across the UK by 2025.
The hubs will host a total of 1500 chargers on A-roads and next to Motorways.
The 150-175KW rapid chargers will cost around £75 million with construction on the first 10 hubs starting before the end of the year.
The first 10 locations are:
  • Banbury, M40
  • Suffolk, A14
  • Essex, A127
  • Glasgow, M8
  • East Lothian, A1
  • Wolverhampton, A4123
  • Birmingham, M6
  • Croydon, A23
  • Crewe, A534
  • Brackley, A43


Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, said:
“It’s crucial that public charging infrastructure stays ahead of the curve. Our rollout of hubs across the country’s major transport routes will ensure drivers are supported with convenient, reliable, on-the-go charging, delivering the best possible consumer experience for UK motorists.”

How does it work?

The rollout will also see new charger optimisation technology brought into use. ‘Kempower charging technology’ enables the hubs to host many rapid chargers on a single site without compromising on charging power. Power distribution is based on demand, which varies between vehicles. This means that it is able to protect the National Power Grid.
Graeme Cooper, head of future markets at National Grid, said:
“The widespread transition to EVs means we need to rethink how we make, move and use energy. The power demand for charging will be significant, so it’s crucial that we use the cleanest and cheapest power in our cars and to make the most of each grid connection. By optimising power management at charging facilities, we can ensure a smooth transition away from petrol and diesel whilst maintaining a stable and effective electricity grid.”
Each rapid charger will be located near popular retailers, so drivers can stop for a Costa coffee or grab a snack at Aldi while they charge their car.
Each rapid charger is able to top up 100 miles worth of charge in as little as 10 minutes. The physical footprint of each charger is also 74% smaller than the average charger, meaning you can charge more vehicles at a single station and improving accessibility.

How can we help?

Osprey Charging is one of the strategic partners of Shell. This announcement will effectively increase the numbers of chargers our Shell EV Card customer can utilise.
If your fleet is making the move to electric, our Shell EV card isideal. With access to over 3000 charging points including 950 rapid charge points nationwide, your drivers are never too far away from being able to top up. The Shell Recharge rapid chargers are powered by 100% renewable energy, so you can do your bit for the environment at the same time.
Osprey Announces Rapid Chargers