Make 2022 Green

Make 2022 Green


As 2022 gets well underway, becoming more eco-conscious is a hot topic for many businesses.

Reducing your carbon can be a challenge when your business relies on its fleet.

In the UK, transport remains the largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 34% of UK CO2 emissions in 2019 were from the transport industry.

But just a few simple changes can help reduce your net carbon.

One of the easiest ways to become more green is by supporting other ethically run businesses. Like us.


Cambrian’s Commitment

At Cambrian Fuel Card Services we’re dedicated to becoming a more eco-conscious company.

We have:

  • implemented several eco-friendly policies around our head office
  • introduced more services to help our customers
  • increased our product range to provide solutions for every shape or size of the fleet

One of the biggest changes we have made is teaming up with Ecologi. We’ve worked with Ecologi for over a year to help us become a carbon-positive workforce. In that time we have planted over 1700 trees.

Through this partnership, we have offset nearly 90 tons of carbon. This is equal to around 225,592 miles driven in a car.

Another way to make 2022 a greener year is by introducing greener transport methods.

According to Willis Towers Watson’s 2021 Car Benefits Survey Report, 43% of businesses are looking to introduce more environmentally friendly vehicles as their top priority over the next 12 months. If your fleet is among this 43% then our Shell EV card could be the next best move.


Shell EV Card

The Shell EV card gives you access to a network of over 7500 charging hubs nationwide.

This includes over 950 rapid charging stations powered by 100% sustainable energy.



But there are ways that a conventionally fueled vehicle can cut its emissions too.
Installing a telematics device is an easy way to encourage safer driving behaviour and cut your carbon footprint.

These solutions track your fleet in real-time and can help with:

  • Less mileage
  • No harsh braking and acceleration
  • Less time in traffic
  • Better driving behaviours
  • Reduced idling
  • Early engine issue detection through diagnostic monitoring


All these factors help reduce the emissions released by your fleet.

We aim to help fleets make sustainable changes in 2022 and start thinking greener, we’re here to help.

For more information call us free on 0800 6126132.



Make 2022 Green