London Daily Driving Charge Considered

London Daily Driving Charge Considered


The Mayor of London is considering introducing a daily charge for driving in the city.

Mayor Sadiq Khan is considering proposals to charge drivers per mile driving in London.

The proposals are suggesting a charge of £2 per mile driven in the capital.

The Mayor says this has the potential to be a ‘long-term solution’ to help meet climate change targets for the area.

This scheme would only apply to non-electric vehicles. This means that a driver travelling 10 miles would face a £20 charge.

This is without the added ULEZ or congestion charge zone fees. Currently, the charge to enter the congestion zone is £5 and the ULEZ charge is £12.50.

Under this scheme, drivers face a charge of £47.50 per day to travel through central London.

But Mr Khan suggests this is a “simple and fair scheme” to address the pollution and congestion within the city. He also suggests that this charge could eventually replace the ULEZ charge.



He said he was -“not willing to stand by and wait when there’s more we can do in London that would make a big difference”.

This scheme also aims to persuade more people to take up walking and cycling or use public transport more often.

But some have criticized the Mayor’s proposal. The RAC says this is a shortsighted scheme from the Mayor as greener transport options are “too expensive for most people”.

A recent survey from Centrica Business Solutions found that some businesses were not able to convert to electric vehicles (EVs).

34% of those said that they were not investing in green transport options because of the financial strains caused by the pandemic.

New data from City Hall found traffic would need to reduce by 27% to meet the city’s net-zero climate change goals by 2030.

The scheme is still in its proposal phase. Before it can come into action, Transport for London (TfL) said they would hold a public consultation. If successful the system could come into effect by May 2024.


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London Daily Driving Charge Considered