How Can Telematics Stop Phone Use Whilst Driving?

How Can Telematics Stop Phone Use Whilst Driving?


Nearly half of the fleet drivers risk a £200 fine for using their phones behind the wheel.

A new study from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles found 46% of van drivers risk penalties for using their phones while driving.

The study comes as new legislation around using your phone behind the wheel kicks in.

The changes to the highway code came into place at the end of January. But the Government announced that they would be introducing stricter laws around phone use last year.


What’s the law?

Before, it was illegal to use your phone for calling or texting with the only exception being in the case of an emergency.

The new laws now include using your phone to take pictures, play games, and scroll through apps.

The Government says that drivers will still be able to use their phones for ‘hands-free’ applications. This includes using our phone as a satnav, so long as the device is not blocking your view and secured properly.
Anyone caught using their phone illegally faces a £200 fixed penalty notice and six points on their license.



What Does the Data Say?

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles surveyed 1000 van drivers about the newest rule introductions. Nearly half of the drivers surveyed said they still use their phones for scrolling through apps while driving.

The survey found that the majority of drivers who risked breaking the law did so because they didn’t understand the changes. But this could be an issue for businesses that rely on their fleet. Drivers caught breaking the rules repeatedly could face a driving ban. This could put extra strain on those that are still struggling with a driver shortage.
Experts have advised all drivers to ‘brush up’ on the latest changes to avoid getting charged.


Head of sales operations, David Hanna said:

“We know that van drivers rely on satnavs to get them from one job to the next, but it’s important they do so legally.”



How Can Cambrian Help?

Our telematics solutions enables fleet managers to view fleet activity and receive notifications in real-time. If a driver is distracted by their phone, this may cause an error at the wheel. If a significant error occurs, the fleet manager will receive an SMS alert or a notification on his monitoring software dashboard. Our multi-camera solutions offers the fleet manager the option to view a live feed from the camera within the drivers cab. This a useful tool as the welfare of the driver is proactively checked. Also, from a business perspective it gives reassurance that both vehicle and cargo are safe. In a worst case scenario, the fleet manager can call the driver and relay information within minutes.

The Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne effect is a type of reactivity in which individuals modify an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed. Generally, when a driver knows they are being watch they adjust their behaviour.

Installation of our telematics devices boast:

  • 35% cut in instances of speeding
  • 39% reduction in accident rates

due to the presence of cameras and devices in their vehicles.


How Can Telematics Stop Phone Use Whilst Driving?