HGV Driver Legislation Change

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HGV Driver Legislation Change



The HGV Community has responded to the announcement of the continued relaxation of drivers’ hour’s legislation until 8 August 2021 with dismay. 


There are worries that the continued legislation will put more pressure on drivers who are already stretched to the limit.





James Firth, Head of Road Freight Regulation Policy for Logistics UK stating

“The current workforce cannot be expected to fill the gaps created by the current skills shortage.”



Hours Change


HGV drivers can increase their daily driving limits from nine to 10 hours or change weekly rest patterns from Monday 12th July.


The DfT said that the relaxation of the rules reflects the “exceptional circumstances” from a shortage of HGV drivers causing “acute supply chain pressures”.


Due to the pandemic, its estimated 12 months of driver training and testing have been lost. This alongside the 8.9% increase in online retail sales compared to 2019 makes the demand for trained and ready-to-go HGV Drivers bigger than ever. 


The industry is seeing driver pay rates increase as the shortage of skilled staff gets worse, in the hopes that this will encourage recruits. 


Logistics UK now estimates the shortfall to be approximately 90,000 workers.


Logistics UK says that the industry needs a longer-term solution to the recruitment of drivers instead of a “stop-gap measure” that will continue to put more pressure on existing workers.




What can the industry do to attract new drivers?



Insurance premiums making it very difficult to be a driver under the age of 25. This means the sector is missing out on attracting younger people. 


Training Costs

Testing and qualifying costs and procedures are expensive and lengthy.



Only 1.2% of drivers are female. Marketing efforts must promote the positive aspects of careers in haulage and dispell myths.


Regaining Past Employees

There are estimated to be 80,000 qualified lorry drivers working for other professions.





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HGV Driver Legislation Change