Enforcement begins on 20mph roads in Wales

Enforcement begins on 20mph roads in Wales

Starting this week, anyone found breaking the 20mph speed limit in Wales could face a fine or points on their license on the roads where engagement with the new speed limit has not worked. Drivers in Wales should be aware of the importance of engaging with the new speed limit to avoid any negative consequences.

While this change was made to prioritise pedestrian and cyclist safety and to reduce road accidents, it has been highly controversial, with many new 20mph road signs being vandalized across Wales. There have also been claims of some confusion regarding the new speed limit.

The Statistics

The Government states that they made the change to the Speed Limit in order to:

  • Reduce the number of collisions and severe injuries (also reducing the impact on the NHS from treating the people who are injured)
  • Encourage more people to walk and cycle in their communities
  • Help to improve health and wellbeing
  • Make streets safer
  • Safeguard the environment for future generations

While 30mph has traditionally been the standard speed limit in built-up areas, the new speed limit acknowledges the need for greater caution in densely populated areas. Wales’ road safety body, GoSafe, has explained that the law change will be enforced on roads where there is evidence of a road safety risk, following additional funding by the Welsh Government. The statistics show that its teams had monitored nearly 25,000 vehicles since January, and 97% of those were found to not be exceeding 25mph.

Lee Waters, the deputy minister for climate change stated “The latest data published today is clear evidence that average speeds are coming down on roads across Wales.

“We’ve still got a way to go, but it’s encouraging to see that things are moving in the right direction. Every 1mph reduction in speed makes a real difference – so this is a real turning point.

“The international evidence is clear: lower speeds saves lives – that’s fewer collisions, fewer deaths and fewer severe injuries, reducing the devastation to individuals and their families and the significant impact on the NHS and other emergency services.”

The implementation of the 20mph speed limit in Wales marks a significant milestone in prioritising road safety and promoting sustainable urban development. Another benefit is to encourage people to use alternative modes of transport, such as walking or cycling. This shift is not only to promote physical activity, but to reduce congestion on the roads and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While some adjustments may need to be made to accommodate the new speed reductions, the long-term benefits of this change are notable.

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Enforcement begins on 20mph roads in Wales

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