Can fuel cards help my construction company?

Can fuel cards help my construction company?

In the fast-paced world of construction, managing costs and maximising efficiency is the key to success. The construction industry is one of the major industry sectors in the economy of the UK. With fuel alone being a significant cost for construction companies, it is important to find ways to manage and control this expense. Fuel cards are a tool that can help with this.

The following are a few ways that fuel cards can help your construction company.

Streamline your fuel purchases

Construction projects often require vehicles and equipment to travel to various job sites, which can result in the use of significant amounts of fuel. With fuel cards, your company can streamline the process of purchasing fuel. Instead of carrying cash, using personal funds or requiring your drivers to submit reimbursement requests at the end of each month, fuel cards offer a more convenient way to fill up. They are an essential business utility that puts all your companies fuel costs under one invoice, making fuel purchases quicker and simpler.

Greater insight into your fuel purchasing

Fuel cards with Cambrian Fuelcard Services offer a fixed weekly price, allowing you to know in advance what price you’ll be paying for fuel each week. Fuel cards also offer insight into fuel usage patterns, allowing construction companies to identify ways to improve and optimise fuel consumption.

Control and security

Fuel cards are safer than traditional payment methods and provide an extra layer of security and control over fuel purchases. Unlike using cash or credit cards, fuel cards can be restricted to specific purchases. This level of customisation and control ensures that fuel cards are only being used for authorized purposes. This minimises the risk of misuse or theft. Additionally, with Cambrian Fuelcard Services, we also offer card protection for £1 per month per card. This cover includes theft, fraud and loss cover to give you greater security and peace of mind.

Industry Statistics

In a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building:

· 92% of respondents were directly affected by petty crime
· 21% stated that their construction sites were robbed on a weekly basis

According to the Office for National Statistics:

· The theft of tools and supplies from vans is costing UK tradespeople £264 million a year
· A tradesperson’s van is broken into on average once every 23 minutes in the UK
· Van theft has increased 45% over the last four years

Improved fleet management

For construction companies with a fleet of vehicles and equipment, fuel cards help to keep all your fuel-related purchases under one invoice. Fuel cards can help to improve your fleet management. You can track fuel purchases by vehicle, driver and location. This allows you to monitor fuel usage and identify inefficiencies. Our free online account portal offers 24/7 access and full transparency on all your fuel and vehicle-related purchases. Through the portal, you can view and download invoices, drawings reports, and administrate your fuel cards.

Integrates with other business tools

To compliment our fuel cards, we have partnered with one of the UK’s leading telematics companies to offer a range of telematics devices. Telematics solutions relay information about how and where a vehicle is being driven. These real-time insights are achieved through the use of wired telematics units and dashcams. They are an essential tool for businesses that help economise driving habits while providing extra security for costly company assets.

If you think that fuel cards and telematics can help improve your fleet operations, contact us today on 0800 6126132 to discuss the benefits with one of our highly-trained sales advisors.

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