Demand for Government Incentives

Demand for Government Incentives
According to a report from Asset Alliance Group, commercial fleet operators have called for Government incentives to make the switch to alternative fuelling solutions.
The ‘Industry Monitor Report’ published by the group surveyed 600 fleet decision-makers about the effects that the Pandemic has had on the transport industry and any future plans.


Asset Alliance Group CEO, Willie Paterson said:
“As we emerge from the toughest set of circumstances in our lifetime, we felt the time was right to take the pulse of the road transport sector again.”

What were the findings?

The report shows that 41% of fleets said that up-front cost of electric Vehicles (EVs) or other alternatively fuelled vehicles discourage them from swiching.
The survey also asked if operators are looking into any alternative fuel HGVs in the next three years.
  • 20% were looking to do so
  • 29% have no current plans
  • 51% had no current projects but said this may change

52% said they would be more likely to look into alternative fuels if the government offered a financial incentive. This could include a scrappage scheme or a reduction in tax for any business that makes the switch. 51% of operators said that updating the national refuelling infrastructure would encourage them to switch.

When asked which alternative they were looking into:
  • 9% said BEVs (battery-powered electric vehicles
  • 8% said liquated natural gas (LNG)
  • 6% said compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • 6% said range-extended electric options
  • 2% said Hydrogen

How Can We Help?

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Demand for Government Incentives