How to Look After Your Car During Lockdown – Infographic

lockdown car care infographic


How to look after your car during lockdown


If you’re working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown, here are some tips to keep your car healthy and ready to face the rigours of everyday driving when we emerge from isolation.



Try to rotate your wheels at least once a week, just to make sure they don’t deform from being in the same position all the time. Also check if
your tread depth is up to the required standard.



Your battery may discharge power if you’re not using your car. If you can, purchase a trickle charger to constantly keep your battery topped up.


Deep clean

Areas of your car to thoroughly clean:

  1. Exterior door handles
  2. Frame of door and roof
  3. Window switches
  4. Interior door handle
  5. Door pocket
  6. Seatbelts and seatbelt clips
  7. Seat adjust buttons
  8. Steering wheel and control stalks
  9. Horn
  10. Driver air vents
  11. Dashboard
  12. Gear knob
  13. Multimedia screen
  14. Central air vents and heating controls
  15. Glovebox
  16. Log book
  17. Central storage compartment and cupholders
  18. Rear-view mirror
  19. Interior lights
  20. Grab handle
  21. Head rests
  22. Seat pockets
  23. Rear central tab
  24. Fuel cap
  25. Boot lid and close button
  26. Parcel shelf
  27. Bonnet lid
  28. Washer cap
  29. Dipstick
  30. Oil cap


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