Are Newport drivers the best in the UK?

Are Newport drivers the best in the UK?


According to a recent study drivers in Newport, South Wales (home of Cambrian Fuel Card Services) are the best in Britain. asked more than 2,000 motorists about their driving habits. The motorists were questioned about:

  • how well they drive
  • carrying out skilful manoeuvres
  • how often they give way
  • beep their horn
  • splashing pedestrians


The results showed that Newport drivers topped the charts, while drivers from Aberdeen came out worst.



Despite being the best overall drivers, Newportians drivers admitted they were the least patient. 36% said they would beep their horn at another motorist in less than three seconds.



The study showed that St Alban’s drivers are the worst for undertaking cars at 44%. The best undertaking rates were in Swansea with only 4% of motorists admitted to it.






Best: Drivers from would most likely drive at the speed limit in a 20mph zone (100%)

Worst: Edinburgh, with nearly half of drivers (49%) admitting they will drive above the speed limit




Best: Motorists in Preston are more likely to stick to the speed limit in a 30mph zone (96%).

Worst: a quarter of drivers from Chelmsford were more likely to speed (25%)




Best: Drivers from Inverness are most likely to stick to the speed limit on the motorway (92%)

Worst: Motorists from Bath were the fastest with 50% driving over 70mph


Bad Behaviour


The best-behaved drivers are from Wolverhampton. 45% never having had a speeding ticket or parking ticket, driven in the bus lane, splashed a pedestrian or ran a red light.

The naughtiest drivers were from Truro with 64% of respondents admitting to having had at least one speeding ticket, while motorists from Bradford had taken the most speed awareness courses (60%).

Not one driver – within this research – from Newport or Swansea confessed to splashing pedestrians (unlike 16 per cent of drivers from Nottingham).



Head of technical services at, Richard Evans, said:

“Driving skills differ across the country and motorists’ confidence in their ability changes too”.


How Can Cambrian Help?

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Are Newport drivers the best in the UK?