AI to Solve Congestion

AI to Solve Congestion


Transport for London (TfL) is adopting artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to detect disruption on the capital’s road network.

Software companies Samdesk and Immense won contracts with TfL to help improve driver behavior around the capital.

Immense uses simulation technology that creates models of planned roadwork. It helps agencies to understand its impact on the surrounding road network before they take place.

The simulation will give information on predicted congestion impacts, increases in emissions, and the safety impacts of planned roadworks.

It can also be used to help drivers avoid impacts on their journeys.

Software from Samdesk uses AI and real-time data to detect disruptions as they happen.

This gives TfL staff a faster and more accurate insight into incidents as they unfold across the transport network, and allows them to respond quicker.

This is all part of TfL’s RoadLab program, a scheme designed to invest in small businesses and create smart solutions to London’s transport problems.




Head of commercial innovation at Transport for London (TfL), Rikesh Shah said,

“London’s road network plays an absolutely vital role in keeping the capital moving and we’re always looking for innovative ways of making our streets safer, smarter, and more sustainable.”



The program received funding from TfL’s Lane Rental scheme. The scheme charges roadworks companies for digging up London’s busiest roads at times that cause the most disruption to drivers’ journeys.

The Lane Rental scheme invests in tackling congestion and minimizing the impact of roadworks.

So far the work from the RoadLab has saved £100m in lost travel time since the scheme started.

The technology will be introduced to London’s road networks in the coming months.



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AI to Solve Congestion