Adapting to Fuel Prices

Adapting to Fuel Prices


A lot of factors can change the price of a fleets weekly fuel expenditure.

The efficiency of the fleet, geopolitics of global oil production and demand inflation are all factors that can lead to rising prices.

On average fuel represents 60% of all operating costs in a fleet budget.

So we’ve put together a top tips list on how to adapt to changing fuel prices:


1. Stay Flexible

So much around what makes the price of fuel fluctuate is out of the control of the fleet manager. So why waste time worrying about something you can’t control.

  • Having some flexibility in your operating model means you can quickly adapt
  • Knowing your average fuel consumption can help you focus on fuel efficiency
  • Staying level-headed is important so you can make the right call and help drivers adapt to change


2. Limit Spending

Setting a spending cap on how much your drivers spend at fuel stations helps prevent overspending. If a vehicle only used £20 worth of fuel a day but the driver is topping up £25, that’s 20% more than they need and 20% more expensive. Setting a daily, weekly or monthly limit on spending can help you keep track of your fuel costs easily.


3. Only Use What You Need

It’s very common for fleets to use more vehicles than necessary for a particular job. Although this over organization can make you more efficient in other areas, it can cause fuel costs to skyrocket. If a vehicle is able to do multiple trips, this cuts out the need for multiple vehicles. This in turn cuts down unnecessary fuel expenditure. It’s also important to use the correct vehicle for the job. Using a larger vehicle to carry a small load will use up more unnecessary fuel.


4. Safer Driving

How your drivers behave can have a large impact on their fuel efficiency. Harsh braking, fast acceleration and excessive idling are all things that will eat away at your fuel. Encouraging good driver habits can make your drivers safer and more fuel-efficient.


How can we help?

At Cambrian Fuel Cards services, we offer a range of fuel cards that can help with your fuel efficiency. With access to over 8000 stations nationwide, your drivers have access to top quality branded fuel. Premium fuel additives are available at these sites and can help your engine run smoother and more efficiently. Our range of telematics solutions also offers a cutting edge way to track your drivers’ data. Drivers receive scores out of 100 and competitve rankings based on behind the wheel behaviours enabling fleet managers to incentive better standards.



Adapting to Fuel Prices