25 Worst Excuses for Driving in Lockdown

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25 Worst Excuses for Driving in Lockdown


Believe it or not there are some people who are choosing to ignore government advice and continue to carry on with their daily business.

The excuses given by motorists to police who have been apprehended making inessential journeys during lockdown is bewildering.

Here are some of the ridiculous reasons they gave:


  • We’re hunting for new Pokemon
  • We are just tidying our beach hut as exercise
  • I am out for health and safety reasons, to check on the sea for fishing tomorrow
  • I’m going to pick up a metal bar for my house so I can exercise at home. I purchased it on Facebook
  • I’m driving 10 to 12 miles for my favourite walk
  • I’m picking up a boat
  • I am taking a beehive to a field
  • I’m taking a PlayStation to my mate’s house
  • I’m charging the battery on my car
  • My dog has little legs so I drove him here for a walk
  • I’m going to buy gravy granules for our Sunday dinner
  • I’m off to buy a trampoline
  • I’m buying ink cartridges to print out my daughter’s school work
  • I’m going to collect a puppy
  • I thought because the weather was nice and we are all off we could all get together and have music and a few drinks
  • I’ve taken my children with me to meet my brother’s family while we all visit my elderly parents
  • I was bored
  • I’m visiting Paignton to reminisce of times past
  • We’re going to the allotment to get a cauliflower
  • I’m giving my son a driving lesson
  • I’m on my way to see my drug dealer
  • I’m going to play golf
  • I’m picking up my friend to go shopping
  • I’m going to water my friends garden
  • I’m trying to win over my ex-partner


The advice is clear if it’s an inessential journey as defined by the government’s explicit advice, stay in, save lives.


How Can We Help?

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You can read the official COVID -19 advice here