Why are Dash Cams so Important?

Why are Dash Cams so Important?

UK drivers are taking road safety into their own hands by recording dangerous driving on dash cams. New research from Nextbase shows that UK drivers witness 14 illegal incidents while driving each week.
These are most frequently speeding, with 67% of drivers surveyed stating that they saw incidents on a weekly basis. The next most common was failing to indicate at 60%, tailgating at 52% and dangerous overtaking at 52%.

Three quarters of survey respondents said that they had never reported a traffic incident before. The remaining quarter who have reported incidents said that this was done through traditional methods, such as reporting it to the police.
The majority stated this process was complicated. 41% of drivers said that they had neglected to report a serious driver offence because they did not know how.

Nextbase is urging drivers to use its Dash Cam Safety Portal to upload any clips of dangerous driving so that these can be passed on to police.

Ex-West Mercia Police Officer and now official consultant, Lee Barton, stated:

“It is imperative that we all work together to identify the UK’s most dangerous drivers to ensure that our roads are safe – those dangerous drivers should simply not be allowed behind the wheel. The portal has helped police forces all around the country to identify dangerous drivers as we continue to see the public interacting with the portal, we will be able to make our roads safer.”

How can we help?

Our industry-leading telematics solutions make road safety a priority. Our range includes products from Trakm8 and Radius. The live tracking feature means fleet managers can see exactly where the fleet is in real-time at the touch of a button. This encourages safer driving behavior and keeps everyone on the road safe.

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