What are the advantages of Telematics?

advantages of telematics


Telematics Solutions let you know the exact geographical locations of your fleet in real-time.

They also provide insights into driver behaviour and empower fleet managers with invaluable analytical data.
Telematics solutions can provide the impetus to improve driving behaviour and consequently save your company money.

According to a recent survey by Road Safety Analysis:

Commercial Drivers are more likely:

  • to engage in tailgating (40% higher)
  • to be fatigued (48% higher)
  • undertake manoeuvre errors (40% higher).

Working car drivers are more likely:

  • to be distracted (15% higher)
  • commit junction errors (25% higher)
  • be fatigued (23% higher)
  • engage in tailgating (14% higher).

Taxi drivers are more likely:

  • to be distracted (21% higher)
  • have unsafe behaviour (26% higher)
  • carry out traffic contraventions (52% higher).

Having driving techniques constantly monitored has beneficial effects for both drivers and your company. Telematics solutions have been proven to:

Reduce aggressive driving by 37%

Reduce overtime claims by 85%

They also ensure that your branded fleet is maintaining your company image.

A welcome by-product of telematics is that it lowers the environmental impact of your fleet and therefore lowers your company’s carbon footprint.

How does it give fleet managers better control?

Real-time vehicle tracking integration with google maps that have Live traffic overlays and customizable interfaces. The ability to actively see your fleets whereabouts allows you to warn staff of any potential driving hazards or traffic jams.

Dashcams compliment the solution and provide vital evidence should an incident occur – Dashcams can reduce insurance costs by 25%.

Other features include:

  • Full reporting suite
  • Driver Behaviour suite
  • Geofencing
  • Emailed reports
  • Email, SMS & on-screen alerts
  • Driver license checking
  • Vehicle maintenance monitoring


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