Van Thefts Reach Record Levels – Infographic

van thefts infographic


Van Thefts Reach Record Levels – Infographic


The theft of tools and supplies from vans is costing UK tradespeople £264million a year

A tradesperson’s van is broken into on average once every 23 minutes in the UK

Van theft has increased 45% over the last four years

What’s the financial cost to each driver?

£11566 – average costs the victim
£5982 – loss of work and income
£5584 – cost of replacing the stolen goods

Victims being put out of work for 30 days on average

30,000 vehicles stolen since 2015
10,000 stolen in the last year
30 vans stolen every day


How Can Cambrian Help?

Our range of telematics devices provides real-time updates of a vehicles location, their journey history and how that vehicle has been driven.

Vehicles can also be fitted with multiple cameras both internally and externally. Camera data is streamed or can be stored to be retrieved at a later point.


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To read official statistics on vehicle related thefts click here


Van Thefts Reach Record Levels – Infographic