ULEZ Fines Go Unpaid

ULEZ Fines Go Unpaid


According to data gathered through an FOI request, One-third of all Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) fines issued in London are left unpaid.

The data was requested by former Greater London Council councillor Richard Town and found that 982,145 non-compliance penalties have been issued since the zone was introduced in the capital in April 2019. But 336,637 of these remain unpaid.

The ULEZ is implemented in central London and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The aim of the charge is to reduce car emissions in the capital. Drivers of non-compliant vehicles can be fined if they do not pay the daily charge of £12.50 within 24 hours. The charge for heavier vehicles such as HGVs is £100 a day. Fines for regular vehicles are raised to £15 after 72 hours and then raised to £130 PCN if still not paid.

London’s ULEZ will extend to the north and south circular roads on 25 October this year. This extension has cost £130 million in extra camera equipment and signage. This has left some members of the community questioning whether the expansion should be halted in favour of other air-cleaning methods.

Drivers can contest a PCN fine if they believe it has been issued incorrectly. Yet, few charges have been voided this way, with only four fines canceled due to vehicles falling into an ‘exempt’ category because of their historic status. Normally drivers should pre-register their vehicles for exemption before entering the zone.



Richard Town commented:

“The figures show there’s already widespread disregard for TfL’s enforcement, the scheme’s expansion must be halted. The mayor must recognize that previous inner-London schemes have brought clean-air results. A further expansion into London’s leafy clean-air suburbs won’t.”


Sara Thomas from the FOI case management team at TfL said:

“The recipient of a PCN has the legal right to challenge the PCN if they believe it has been issued incorrectly. Where applicable, we may ask for further evidence to support the challenge.”


How can we help?

Our industry-leading Telematics Solutions offer a geofence feature that can limit the locations your drivers can access. This means you can rest easy knowing your drivers won’t be bringing back any unwanted fines or charging. This feature also sends your fleet managers a text notification, should your drivers enter these areas, so you can pay the daily charge before a fine is issued.



ULEZ Fines Go Unpaid