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Transport Operator Feature – Cambrian keeps fleets fuelled during Covid crisis


Cambrian Fuel Card Services reports that it remained open with a full complement of staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, who were on-call 24/7 to assist customers providing frontline services – including ambulance trusts, food distributors, logistics companies and mountain rescue organisations.

The family-run company, which provides fuel cards and telematics solutions to UK businesses of all sizes, says that having weathered the worst of the pandemic, it is now in the process of strengthening its sales team.

The business started as an oil distribution company in 1976, with a fleet of tankers delivering fuels and lubricants from Cardiff Docks to customers in South Wales.

“In 1993 we spotted an opportunity to sell our fuel through fuel cards and we have been doing so ever since,” said the firm.

“We now offer our customers a choice of five different fuel cards: these include Shell, Texaco, Keyfuels and UKfuels which are accepted at over 8000 stations nationwide.

“Our mission is to offer a range of national fuel cards and telematics solutions to our clients with the highest level of customer service skills and staff satisfaction… We achieve this by partnering with some of the largest fuel brands in the UK and by constantly looking for new technology to improve our services. “

Last year the company launched its Fuel Station Locator mobile app, which helps customers find the nearest station to them in their card network. It currently has over 5,000 downloads.

“We have also partnered with two of the UK’s top telematics firms to offer our customers telematics solutions,” added the company.

“Telematics gives fleet managers unprecedented real-time control over their fleet activity. In the coming months, we will be adding roadside assistance to our services which will give our customers a complete toolset of solutions to administrate their fleet with greater efficiency.”

Cambrian says it offers a simple, transparent service to its clients.

“Our customers can access their accounts through our newly redeveloped online account portal. Clients can now download their transactions, mileage reports and copy invoices as well being able to order new cards at any time. If at time a card doesn’t suit their business, they can swap and change their fuel cards to fit their business requirements.

“Cambrian prides itself on its customer service skills and we work very hard to make sure that our staff are among the best within the industry. We are constantly investing in new technology [and] our phones are answered quickly by professionals who can handle the calls and look after the people that pay our wages – i.e. the clients.”

The company also emphasises its implementation of regular staff training, and promotion of personal development and further qualifications.


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