Top Winter Car Hacks – Infographic

Top Winter Car Hacks – Infographic


Top winter car hacks infographic



Always top-up with undiluted, quality screenwash. Never use hot water on your windscreen. Warm water is advisible for defrosting the screenwash bottle and the windscreen. Your windscreen must be unobscured before you set-off as ‘portholing’ carries a £100 fixed penalty and 3 points.


Windscreen Wipers

If you can, put a piece of cardboard between the blades and the windscreen overnight. If possible, try not use them until the car has warmed up as it could break the mechanism or blow a fuse.



If your windows are frozen shut, aim your air vents at them when the heaters have warmed up.


Door Locks

Hand sanitizer contains pure alcohol,so coat your car keys with in hand sanitiser and it thaws your locks in seconds.



Block as much of the open space between the ground and sides of the vehicle if the brake is still frozen. Doing this will create a path for air flow from front to rear of the vehicle, minimizing “losses” from under the vehicle’s sides.