Top 5 Benefits of Telematics – Video


Top 5 Benefits of Telematics for fleet managers

1. Fleet Location monitoring

  • Monitor in real-time the location of your vehicles
  • Monitor dashcam footage in real-time

2. Driver behaviour monitoring

  • Telematics devices sense if drivers are:
    • Driving too fast
    • Taking corners too fast
    • Breaking harshly
    • Excessive idling

    An instant alert will created when incidents occur

3. Real time fleet interaction

  • If a traffic incident occurs that might affect one of your vehicles you can locate and contact your driver ensuring continuity of service

4. Customer interaction

  • If your company delivers a service or delivers parcels – you can give your customers real-time information on the location of your vehicles

5. Data data data

  • Telematics solutions can hold up to 3 years of historical data