Talking and Driving – Video

Talking and Driving


According to scientists – If you want to be a better driver… talk to yourself!

Researchers have proven that glitches in your short term memory are the cause of many fatal crashes.


Tests show that motorists are 5 times more likely to forget seeing a motorbike than seeing a car.

90 people die each year in the UK as a result of drivers pulling out into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

The ‘Perceive Retain Choose’ (PRC) model creates new predictions and proposals for practical interventions.

They suggest teaching drivers the “See Bike Say Bike” strategy. If they see a motorcycle approaching, they should say so out loud.


The study concluded that:

“If relevant visual information is encoded phonologically it has been shown that it is no longer subject to visuospatial interference.

“Clearly any research that improves our understanding of these crashes and the kind of countermeasures that can be used to prevent them, has the potential to be a major contribution to world health.”


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