Speeding: is zero tolerance going to work?

There are many conflicting views from different sectors regarding the introduction of a zero-tolerance approach to speeding.

Is driving 1mph over the limit really a punishable offence?

There is a mixed message coming from Police Chiefs with some saying, “it would neither be proportionate or achievable” and others saying that the informal 10% buffer apportioned by officers is potentially dangerous as it makes driving 77mph in a 70mph permissible behaviour.

Some force chiefs are arguing for a cross-force agreement that standardises officer protocol with dealing with speeding offences and that the current approach is time-consuming for officers.

This hard-line proposal has been met with resistance with John Pryor, chairman of fleet representative body ACFO saying that “Would you give three points to someone that went 71mph in a 70mph zone? That could be the difference between someone losing their licence and their livelihood along with it.”

Road safety charity Brake supports a zero-tolerance approach. A spokesman for Brake said: “We believe that the lack of consistency in the application of the law through the buffer zone has led to a culture that views speeding as acceptable.

“We want strict enforcement of limits to let people know this isn’t the case and change the culture of acceptance around speeding.”

Other motoring organisations such as the AA and RAC are of the opinion that super-strict adherence to the speed limit might be counterproductive as drivers would be ‘glued to their speedometers’ and less aware of their driving performance.

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