Speed limiting technology on its way

intelligent speed assistance blog pic

The EU has provisionally agreed on new rules to make speed limiting technology mandatory.

From 2022, all vehicles sold in Europe must have the technology integrated into their systems.

The Department for Transport said the introduction of new safety systems would also apply in the UK.


How does it work?

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) utilises information from GPS and road sign recognition cameras to limit a vehicles speed.
The system can be temporarily overridden to allowing overtaking on motorways.
ISA will also work in conjunction with the introduction of compulsory data recorders.
The technology will hopefully make drivers more conscious of their speed in much the same way as telematics solutions.


What has been the reaction?

Joshua Harris, campaigns director for Brake said:

“This is a landmark day for road safety, these measures will provide the biggest leap forward for road safety this century.”


The UK’s Department for Transport said:

“We continuously work with partners across the globe to improve the safety standards of all vehicles. These interventions are expected to deliver a step-change in road safety across Europe, including the UK.”


The Association of British Insurers said:

“Motor insurers support measures aimed at improving road safety. Any steps that can be shown to make our roads safer, reducing road crashes and insurance claims, can be reflected in the cost of motor insurance.”


EU Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said:

“Every year, 25,000 people lose their lives on our roads. The vast majority of these accidents are caused by human error.
“With the new advanced safety features that will become mandatory, we can have the same kind of impact as when safety belts were first introduced.”

The EU says the plan could help avoid 140,000 serious injuries by 2038 and aims ultimately to cut road deaths to zero by 2050.


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