Slower Speeds for Wet Weather

Slower Speeds for Wet Weather

According to new research from the RAC, 7 out of 10 drivers would like lower motorway speed limits in wet weather.

In the survey of more than 2,000 drivers:

  • 72% would like to see the standard 70mph speed limit on motorways reduced in wet weather to improve road safety
  • 33% said want the limit reduced to 60mph in the wet
  • 17% said they would like an even lower limit of 55mph or lower.


When asked why they thought reducing the speed was a good idea:

  • 78% said they felt lower limits would encourage some drivers to slow down
  • 72% believed it might save lives

Statistics from the Department for Transport (DfT) show that 246 people were killed or seriously injured in 2019 from road accidents where the road surface was damp, wet, or flooded.

Stopping distances in the wet are around double those in dry conditions. Meaning it will take the average car 630 meters (the equal of 48 car lengths) to stop from 70mph instead of 315 meters.

  • 21% of drivers are against the idea of a lower speed limit in bad weather
  • 54% said it was because most drivers already adjust their speed to the conditions
  • 60% also felt it would be hard to tell when this new rule would apply and what constitutes “bad weather”
  • 41% of drivers are concerned that other drivers wouldn’t obey a lower motorway limit.


Rod Dennis, from the RAC said

“The overall success of any scheme would, of course, depend on sufficient numbers of motorists reducing their speed, but even just a proportion reducing their speed in the wet would be likely to improve the safety of the UK’s motorways,”


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Slower Speeds for Wet Weather