Project Edward Week

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Project Edward Week


This week police forces and organisations from around the UK will be focusing their efforts on a road safety campaign called Project Edward.

In 2018 there were approximately 42,000 deaths and injuries involving someone who was driving for work at the time. With over 20 million vehicles thought to be used for work,

the odds of being involved in an injury collision while driving for work are 1 in 500

82% of those deaths and injuries were other road users, often vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of key issues for people who drive for work purposes.


Target Areas


The key areas they are targetting are:

  • Speed
    46% of cars exceeded the speed limit on motorways. 10% of cars exceeded the speed limit on national speed limit single carriageways. 52% of cars exceeded the speed limit on 30mph roads
  • Maintenance
    5 million MOTs have been missed during lockdown. This includes 1.2 million vans. About a third of vans fail their MOT first time round so that means 400,000 vans could be on the road that are officially legal but likely to require critical maintenance
  • Fatigue
    Since January 2017, over 24,000 vehicle checks have identified more than 25,000 individual offences
  • Loading
    One recent initiative found an average of two offences per vehicle/driver
  • Driver Behaviour
    Between April 2015 and March 2019, 28 police forces have stopped 8,926 vehicles, detected 10,164 offences and issued 10,560 interventions. The top three offences from this initiative are; mobile phone use, seat belts and not in proper control of the vehicle
  • Towing for Work
    A recent multi-agency event conducted at a motorway service area on the M5 checked almost 120 vehicles being used to tow and found a 94% non-compliance rate


The campaign will be delivered in association with Police forces across the UK as well as Highways England through their Driving for Better Business Campaign.

It also supports the One Road, One Week campaign of police enforcement activity to be held 14th – 18th September.

The usual road trip has been replaced due to COVID-19 by a ‘virtual’ week-long triple road trip which will visit road risk specialists and projects as it criss-crosses the country, publishing videos, quizzes, tips, information and interviews from stops along the way.


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