New Year Driving Resolutions – Infographic

new year driving resolutions

There’s no better time than now to alter your driving habits.

Here is a list of ideas that make your journeys more safer and happier.

Plan Journeys Better

  • Leave in plenty of time
  • Look at your journey on a map beforehand just in case the SATNAV is wrong
  • Have contingency plans

Limit Distractions

  • Don’t let Infotainment systems take your focus
  • Plan your driving music set list
  • Make sure passengers are OK before you leave

Speed Awareness

  • Stick to the limits, theyre there for a reason
  • Be mindful of weather conditions
  • Don’t drive angry
  • Consider residents around routes

Be Considerate

  • Avoid anti-social driving, middle lane hogging and tail-gating
  • Letting people in, allowing oncoming traffic through helps to create a nicer road environment

Don’t Drive Tired

  • 25% of fatal motor vehicle crashes
  • Men are twice as likely to fall asleep
  • 40% of fatigue-related crashes involve commercial vehicle drivers