New study reveals most congested cities in the UK

New study reveals most congested cities in the UK

New research shows that London has been revealed to be the most congested city in the world for the second year in a row. The research, conducted by INRIX for their 2022 Global Traffic Scorecard placed London at the top for traffic.

On average, drivers in London lost 156 hours due to congestion in 2022, with average speeds of just 10mph. The UK’s second worst city for congestion was Bristol, losing on average 91 hours due to congestion, with the average across the UK being around 80 hours spent in traffic last year.

Chicago only narrowly missed out on the top spot for 2022, at 155 hours spent stuck in traffic last year, a 49% increase from 2021. With traffic returning back to normal following lockdowns, London was the only city that saw congestion above pre-Covid levels.

The overall increase in congestion during 2022 could be due to higher volumes of light commercial vehicles (LCV), and heavy goods vehicles (HGV), on UK roads. With motorists in the UK losing an average of 80 hours due to congestion, this is calculated to have cost each driver £707 in lost time, including paying £122 more for fuel due to oil prices.

This equates to a total loss of £9.5 billion, and the cost-of-living crisis has added 25 percent to the cost of fuel for commuters on top of this. Meanwhile, commuting in London cost the average driver £1,377 in lost time.

The cities of Cambridge, Cheltenham and Exeter, all present on the UK Top 10 list in 2021, fell out of the top 10, being replaced by Edinburgh (7th), Leeds (9th) and Leicester (10th).

Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester also made the Top 10 list for 2022.  Traffic safety is still a major concern as traffic returns to pre-Covid levels. New traffic laws and rules were implemented in 2022 to reduce the amount of traffic conflicts between modes and improve safety overall.

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Most congested cities in the UK revealed

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