MOT Fails Double After Introduction of Stricter Tests

mot failure certificate

Tighter emissions regulations saw MOT failures jump from 350,472 in 2017 to 744,592 in the same period in 2018.

What is evident in the statistics is the disparity between petrol and diesel cars. Petrol cars were more than 4 times more likely to fail than diesel. This was due to emissions failures (292,468 petrol vehicles versus 58,004 diesel vehicles).

In May 2018, tighter rules were brought in that added tighter regulations over engine emissions.

Failures are instantly incurred if:

• Smoke of any colour emerges from the exhaust

• The DPF (diesel particulate filter) had been tampered with

The emission clamp-down has been effective in removing ‘dirty diesels’. Four times as many high polluting vehicles (238, 971) have been fixed or removed since May 20th. Van owners were particularly affected as there was an increase of 448% in MOT failures for diesel-powered vans.

The tightening of MOT regulations comes as part of the Governments ‘Road to Zero’ Strategy which sets outs the UK’s path to becoming a world leader on zero emission transport by 2030.

There has also been a steady rise in the number of vehicles without an MOT, the fine for which is £1000.

You can check your cars MOT’s status at

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