08 Mar Is it time to switch to electric?

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We’ve compiled some of the key facts surrounding the debate regarding diesel versus electric vehicles.




Filling Up

5 mins to fill tank30 mins to charge
£1 = 10 miles£1 = 29 miles
Full tank = 652 milesFull charge = 250 miles but it varies greatly between city and motorway use
8500 stations in UK in all area types19500 points but mainly concentrated in cities
Home charging available


99% of N0x emissions reduced by DPFZero emissions from car
New EU7 standards reduce emissions furtherPollution from fossil fuel / nuclear power stations
Engine development constantly improving

Driving Experience

The joy of engine roarNo sound
Choice of gearboxesOnly automatics
Responsive at all speedsResponsive pulling off
Underpowered on the motorway

Road Tax

Emissions basedNo road tax
Newer diesel cars are cheaper


Availability of specialised parts may cause issues

Driving in the UK

Better for long journeysOnly viable for city driving
Drive anywhereMountainous terrain decreases range


Preheaters enable engine to start within secondsRange decreases by 40% in freezing weather



At the moment, the switch to electric vehicles would not be a viable unless you lived or operated your business in a large city.

Even though electric vehicle technology is advancing constantly, charging times and the decreased efficiency caused by terrain and weather are a significant factor.

So to is the lack of charging point locations nationally.

Diesels are here to stay until significant improvements are made technologically and to the UK transport infrastructure.

Is it time to switch? Not yet


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