How much is bad posture costing your business?

How much is bad posture costing your business? - infographic

How much is bad posture costing your business?

70% of drivers have taken time off work due to back pain

The average driver takes 3 weeks off

Downtime costs companies up to £500 a day

It costs the economy an estimated £21bn


How to prevent back pain at the wheel

Head Restraint – The centre of the support should touch the middle of the back of your head

Lumbar Support – Adjust it so you can feel it support the hollow in your back

Seat Height – Your thighs should be as parallel to the floor with your hips higher than your knees

Rear Mirror – Adjust your mirrors to help stay in an upright position on long drives

Steering Wheel – Position your hands in the centre of the steering wheel and make sure its in-line with the fold of your wrist

Pedals – When your pedals are fully depressed, there should be a bend in your knees


Tips to alleviate backpain:

  • Take a break every 2-3 hours
  • When you take a break, do some stretches and go for a short walk
  • Your seat should be slightly reclined at a 110 degree angle
  • Use a cushion to act as a shock absorber
  • Take up regular exercise  like swimming or running to strengthen your back
  • Don’t keep anything in your back pocket as it causes misalignment over time