How can you drive out bad behaviour in your fleet?

drive out bad behaviour



How can you drive out bad behaviour in your fleet?


According to a recent survey by Webfleet solutions, fleet operators were asked about what negative driving behaviours are damaging their businesses. These include the use of mobile phones, speeding, eating or drinking behind the wheel and tired driving.


73% of UK fleet decision-makers say poor driving behaviour is negatively impacting their business.


The findings, from a survey of 1,050 European fleet decision-makers and published in the European Road Safety Report 2021, the biggest areas of concern are:


  • the use of mobile phones and other devices (71%)
  • followed by speeding (69%)
  • eating or drinking behind the wheel (68%)
  • driving while fatigued (67%)




68% of UK commercial fleets have vehicles involved in road collisions every year

61% say that, on average, they have at least one insurance claim a month made against their company by other road users

According to the European Road Safety Report survey, UK fleet decision-makers, 51% of businesses said they were offered a lower premium if they adopted a telematics system.




Webfleet Solutions’ UK and Ireland sales director of Beverley Wise said:

“This latest research underlines the need to improve road safety of UK fleets, and the best way to achieve that is through better driving habits and improved visibility. Legislative change will certainly encourage uptake of technology in the coming years but fleet decision-makers should aim to be one step ahead and use technology and telematics to their competitive advantage.”


How Can Cambrian Help?


We’ve partnered with two of the UK leading telematics companies, Trakm8 and Kinesis, to provide our customers with a range of cutting edge devices.

We offer a range of telematics units and cameras which enable fleet managers to see how and where their fleet vehicles are being driven in real-time.


Telematics solutions are worth the investment, the RH600 integrated telematics camera is proven to:

  • Decrease accident rates by 39%
  • Reduce insurance claims by 50%
  • Decrease speeding incidents by 35%
  • Offer a 10% better fuel economy


In real terms, this would save your company money and enhance its public perception.


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How can you drive out bad behaviour in your fleet?