How can fuel cards benefit my business?

Fuel card solutions are an easy way to make your business more efficient and more resistant to economic pressures.

car refueling at petrol station


  • Fuel cards allow drivers to buy fuel at a network of stations at wholesale prices which are much lower than the ‘at the pump price’. Even though it’s a few pence per litre, over the course of a year with multiple vehicles, the savings are substantial.


  • Each card can be linked to a specific user or vehicle and all activity is monitored. This allows the fleet manager to create reports on vehicle usage and driver behaviour. All this information feeds into planning and budgeting the fleet’s activity. Knowing how your fleet behaves also helps in leveraging any unexpected rises in oil prices.


  • Fuel cards offer different levels of security for both the company and the driver. The system is cash-less and every card is pin protected. This means that the driver doesn’t have the worry of carrying cash and the company has total control over their expenditure.


  • Utilising several fuel cards from different providers is not restricted. It may be convenient to use a range of cards depending on availability and convenience in the location of your business or your business operations.


  • Utilising fuel cards also cuts down the level of administrative processes within your company. There is no longer the need for employees to fill out fuel expenses forms and as a consequence, resources used for processing these requests are diverted to other tasks.


  • Many of the card providers partner with major supermarket chains such as Morrisons, Tesco and Co-op. In addition to purchasing fuel, cards can be used to pay for oil and car washes.


Cambrian Fuel Card Services Ltd offers a range of cards from major fuel companies such as Shell, Texaco, Keyfuels and UKfuels. We are a multi-award winning, family run company that prides itself not only giving its customers the best prices but providing them with unrivalled customer service. We have a UK based call centre and our online portal gives you 24-hour access to Fuel Prices, purchases and total business fuel card account expenditure. Our cards give our customers access to over 8000 sites in the UK and can be managed under one account.

To find out how your company could benefit from our fuel card and telematics solutions go to or give us call on 0800 612 6132