How can Cambrian help reduce business costs?

How can Cambrian help reduce business costs?

Running a business is a relentless task. It can be a real struggle to maintain cashflow, provide continuity, all while keeping on top of administrative tasks.

Your main objective should be to keep admin processes to a minimum, allowing you to focus your attention on the money-making aspect of your business.

Supporting your customers needs is important, which is why you can rely on Cambrian to support your business.


With our fuel cards, in addition to being able to consume VAT-free fuel, customers can purchase fuel that is closer to the wholesale price than it is to the pump prices.

Prices are also fixed weekly, so there are no surprises and you can closely keep track of your finances. This allows you to plan your fuel expenditure with greater accuracy.

Monitor your account online, 24/7

Rising business costs due to the cost of living crisis can severely affect business, with research showing that 81% of small business owners are worried about how the cost of living crisis is affecting their business. Now more than ever, it is important to keep on top of all of your businesses expenses.

As a fuel card customer, you are given free access to a digital account portal where you can download and view all of your transactions and history. This is useful as it helps you identify the most efficient routes, vehicle defects, or over-eager driving. It can also help you identify fraudulent transactions easier.

For £1 a month, we also offer optional card protection to give you greater security and peace of mind, with up to £3000 cover on each card in the events of theft, loss and fraud.


All your cards are PIN protected and linked to you or your vehicle, offering you an extra layer of security. The cards can be registered to a driver or vehicle.

Reward points

As an additional bonus, at many different stations, you can collect loyalty reward points. These reward schemes include Shell Go+, Tesco Clubcard and Nectar points.

Refuelling Options

There are currently just over 8000 petrol stations in the UK and the number of charging points will constantly expand as 2030 approaches. Currently, there are no fuel cards available that serve all these stations at a fixed weekly price.

However, there are fuel card networks that allow you to use your fuel card at multiple branded networks and supermarket chains. Fuel card advisors will help you find the right network for you based on your location and your travel routes.

You can also use our fuel station locator app to find stations in your area.

At Cambrian we offer:

Shell Commercial Road Transport – 1200+ sites (mostly shell and a selected Texaco) with excellent motorway coverage.

Shell Fleet – Over 4000 sites (Shell, Esso, Total, Gulf, Pace, GB Oils, Texaco, Gleaner, Irish Topaz and Morrisons)

Esso Card Truck – Over 1200 sites (Esso only)

Esso Card National – Over 3500 sites (Esso, BP and Shell)

UKfuels – Over 3400 sites (major brands, supermarkets and independents)

Keyfuels – Over 3400 sites (major brands, supermarkets and independents), with 750 sites designed for HGVs.

Texaco Fastfuel – Over 3600 sites (Texaco, Esso, Morrisons, Shell, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, BP, Jet and independents)

Shell Electric Vehicle – Nearly 4000 conventional fuel sites, Over 3000 charging points (Shell fleet network plus 17 major charging networks)

Why don’t I just use my credit card?

A credit card centralises all of your outgoings but:

• You still have to pay pump prices
• Collect VAT receipts
• Purchases are unrestricted
• Fraud is harder to detect and rectify
• Pay variable APR on purchases


As a business, you can reclaim the VAT on fuel used for business purposes. Fuel cards are ideal as a business utility that enables you to put all of your vehicle fuel expenditures under one simple invoice.

This means that there’s no need to obsessively collect and store the receipts from every fuel transaction for tax reasons.

With a fuel card account, there’s one VAT compliant invoice every week and generous payment terms to ensure cash flow within your business.


We also offer telematics solutions, in order to help to save you both time and money when your drivers are on the road. Telematics allows you to plan your journey better and find the most convenient routes, as it updates in real time to help you to avoid traffic jams and congestion.

This can help you to save on fuel and time. Telematics devices can also offer real time reports, so you can monitor driver behaviour and ensure your branded fleet is driving safely.

About Cambrian Fuelcard Services

We are an independent, family-run business established over 45 years ago. We specialise in fuel cards and telematics solutions.

It’s our aim to offer a transparent and accessible service based on a focus of providing the best customer service. An ethos that has sustained us for nearly half a century.

With Cambrian, all you pay for is the fuel.

To talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly advisors, call us free on 0800 6126132.

How can Cambrian help reduce business costs?

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