How can Cambrian Help my ICT Company?

How can Cambrian Help my ICT Company?

If you are an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, you’ll likely be looking after a range of clients with different needs across a range of sites. Supporting your customer’s needs takes a lot of forms, from simple technical support to large infrastructure projects that need multiple members of staff from different disciplines.

Both large and small companies can compete in this industry, with larger companies offering broader services with a global reach, while smaller companies tend to offer bespoke services, tailoring their services to their customers needs. The ICT services market is a growing market globally, and will continue to be integral to a wide variety of industries and businesses.

Many ICT companies also have project planners, software trainers, systems architects, electricians and account managers who provide onsite support. This is an industry that is quickly growing due to advances with technology and especially innovations surrounding cloud-based systems and software.

What Issues are Facing ICT Companies?

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements define the timescales in which cases are agreed to be resolved. It sets the level of customer expectations and enables vendors and customers to create metrics that can measure the effectiveness of the service provided. Service level agreements hold providers to account and not meeting them has a knock on effect for the business of the end-users. This also has implications for customer retention and satisfaction levels.

Support Models

Some ICT companies may have a dedicated team that is constantly out of the office making scheduled customer visits. Team members will receive in advance their issues log numbers and destinations. Staff either use their own vehicles or are supplied on by the company. The efficacy of this provision is vital.

Winning Work

An essential business function is tendering for new businesses. ICT companies and service providers have to remain competitive. Whether it is a quote for support or installation of a new server, providing a price that is fair and benefits both the customer and company is preferable. To achieve this, finding small niches where operating costs can be reduced all help.

How can Cambrian Fuelcard Services Help?

To provide a cost-effective service, your business needs to deliver its onsite services quickly and with minimal costs. Our fuel cards and telematics will help to provide continuity to your business while you’re providing continuity to your customers businesses.

Fuel cards

Fuel cards are an essential business utility and are ideal for companies that deliver any kind of mobile service. For businesses, fuel cards offer considerable savings on fuel costs, as well as taking up less administrative resources. At Cambrian Fuelcard Services, we offer a portfolio of cards to suit your unique business needs, with a current network size of over 8000 UK sites. There are no set-up costs, annual fees or transaction fees.

For employees, they remove the need for them to meticulously collect their receipts or fill in expense forms each month. They also put less financial pressure on employees who have to wait a month to be reimbursed. Many fuel cards offer the opportunity to collect loyalty reward points, which benefits employees.

Fuel cards offer businesses fuel at a fixed weekly price. They also offer favourable credit terms. The combination of these two factors offer businesses a greater scope to plan fleet activity more efficiently and gives them greater cash flow. In addition, fuel cards increase productivity as they allow staff to concentrate fully on their jobs.

We also offer a free Station Locator mobile app, which allows you to see the available sites in your area for your card. The fuel cards are also secure and PIN protected and can be registered to either a driver or a vehicle.


Telematics devices ensure the safety of your drivers and expensive assets. Vehicle tracking systems relay real-time information on how and where a vehicle is being driven. They encourage higher driving standards and help to reduce vehicle accident rates.

Many of our devices are connected to the engine management systems. This will relay information directly to the fleet manager, with alerts about oil levels, tyre pressure and any other critical functions. Early diagnosis of issues ultimately helps to save money and lower vehicle downtime.

Telematics can also help to cut down on travel time. Once fitted, the tracking device integrates with Google Maps, giving you real-time data on your vehicles location and journey. Knowing exactly where your driver is allows you to help them avoid traffic jams and accidents. You can also give your customers up-to-the-minute information on the location of the driver and estimated arrival times.

How can Cambrian Help my ICT Company?

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