HGV Road User Levy Suspended

hgv levy suspension


HGV Road User Levy Suspended

From the 1st of August, the HGV road user levy will be suspended for a year.

It applies to trucks of 12 tonnes or more operating in the UK.

The suspension aims to support the haulage sector as it recovers from Covid-19”.

This announcement means a reduction in financial liabilities for both UK and foreign hauliers, the government has said.

How it works:

  • For UK operators, who pay the levy alongside their vehicle excise duty, a levy rate of zero will automatically apply at a vehicle’s normal renewal date from August onwards, so no action is needed.
  • Non-UK hauliers –who pay via a daily, weekly, monthly or annual charge – to claim a rebate for levy already paid in respect of the exemption period.


About The Scheme

  • The scheme was launched in 2014
  • Last year it took environmental factors into account. Lorries meeting the latest emission standards eligible for a reduction in the cost of the levy copared to more polluting vehicles
  • The amount saved will depend on the truck’s gross weight and axle configuration. As the level of the charge reflected the track costs of vehicles using the UK’s roads. Its introduction came after complaints that foreign trucks were enjoying free use of the roads




A spokesperson for the government said:

“The haulage industry is critical to keeping the country moving and plays a key role in supporting our economic recovery and growth. The suspension of the levy is intended to provide some relief to hauliers, given the difficulties faced by the sector during the pandemic.”

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HGV Road User Levy Suspended