Is Gamification the Way to Fleet Success? – Infographics

gamification infographic


Is Gamification the Way to Fleet Success?


Does gamification trivialise the importance of fleet behaviour? Or is it a positive way of improving fleet performance?


The performance of your drivers has detrimental affects both on their safety and the reputation of your brand.

Telematics offers an unequivocal insight into fleet behaviour. Every speeding fraction, harsh brake, fast corner and second of idling is recorded.

But the abundance of data also works in favour of promoting better driving standards. Driver scoring gives drivers and managers a numerical indicator of how well they have performed.

Every driver starts at 100% and throughout the day driving fractions either maintain or degrade that score.


So, how can this be turned into a game?

Companies can institute a rankings board and the winner gets a trophy or prize. Fleets can have driver of the week, month or year.


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