Fleets adopt telematics for security and safety benefits

Fleets adopt telematics for security and safety benefits

In research conducted for the Arval Mobility Observatory Barometer 2022, improving driver safety and vehicle security are the main reasons that UK businesses are adopting telematics for their van operations.

When asked for the main reason that their fleet were connected by telematics, the responses were to locate vehicles and improve security (41%), improve driver behaviour and safety (34%), improve operational efficiency (28%), reduce overall fleet costs (27%), reduce environmental impact (7%), avoid non-allowed usage (4%) and optimise vehicle sharing (2%).

Shaun Sedlier, head of Arval Mobility Observatory UK, stated: “Connected technology can bring a whole range of advantages for van fleets and our research provides an interesting insight into the decision making process for adoption.”

“Improving security and knowing the location of vehicles is the leading reason by some distance and this is perhaps the most obvious and immediately useful aspect of telematics. Being aware of where your vehicles are at any moment brings very clear operational advantages in terms of real world operational efficiency and minimising security issues.”

Another question asked was regarding fleet penetration, with a total of 41% using connected van telematics, with 26% of companies having fewer than 10 employees and 44% with more than 1,000 employees.

Sadlier states: “Connected van penetration remains relatively high in UK fleets, with more than four out of 10 making use of the technology. As in previous years, there is a marked difference between larger and smaller employers.”

“This variance is relatively easy to account for, with larger concerns adopting a more structured approach to gathering accurate data about their fleets as part of a generally more sophisticated approach to fleet management, which may be due to the employment of dedicated fleet professionals.”

So, aside from security and safety, what are some of the benefits of telematics?

Telematics are useful for any business fleet, and telematics solutions can fundamentally change how your fleet operates.

Installing telematics devices can have a domino effect; by changing the way your vehicles are being driven, it concurrently saves you time and money.

Fuel expenditure is one of the biggest outgoings when running a fleet. A study in 2019 found that fuel costs made up 60% of a fleet’s budget.

Your fleets driving behaviour can have an impact on this, and erratic driving behaviours overwork your engine and eat into your fuel usage.

Harsh breaking, corner speeding, over-acceleration and excessive idling are all things that will put an extra strain on your engine and stop it from working at optimal levels.

This means that it is using more fuel to keep up with how the vehicle is being driven. It can also accelerate the rate at which an engine will usually wear and tear.

This will cost more in the long-term due to vehicle repairs.

Telematics can help to eliminate these behaviours, and in turn can cut down on fuel costs for your fleet. Route optimisation is another way that telematics solutions helps to cut down on fuel costs.

Taking the best possible route can save your fleet time on journeys and fuel in their tank.

Our telematics devices link to live traffic data, and will assess your fleet journey in real-time to set them on the most optimal route.

Keeping your fleet on the road and running as efficiently as possible could be the key to your business success.

Useful stats

The investment in telematics doesn’t take long to pay for itself. The benefits to your company may include:

• 80% reduction in overtime claims
• 39% reduction in accidents
• 35% reduction in speeding
• 25% reduction in insurance costs
• 10% reduction in fuel costs

Fleets adopting telematics for security and safety benefits

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