Fleet Tech Reduces Accidents

Fleet Tech Reduces Accidents


A new study has found that vehicle safety technology can help prevent fleet accidents.

The study from Brigade Electronics found having some form of safety technology reduced collisions or near-misses for 59% of fleets.

The survey asked fleet operators about the tech their fleets used and how it had affected their operations

The company issued the survey through Commercial Motor and Motor Transport magazines.

The survey focused on cameras and video technology and whether fleets felt they were a worthy investment.

44% said they felt the cameras helped with insurance claims in the case of a traffic incident.

55% said they noticed an improvement in driver behaviour.

Only 47% of fleets have all their vehicles in their fit with the technology.

1 in 5 fleet operators said they didn’t plan to invest in any form of safety tech this year.

44% of this group said they didn’t feel it was relevant to their operations.

Out of all the fleet operators surveyed, only 2% said they didn’t have any form of safety tech on any of their vehicles.




Chris Hanson-Abbot chairman BE of Brigade Electronics, said:

“It’s good to see that the benefits of cameras and other safety technology are being recognized by fleet operators.”

Brigade Electronics warned that some fleets may have to address this as road safety law updates continue to come into effect.

New changes to the highway code see larger vehicles take more responsibility for road safety.

The updated Rule H1 brought in a new hierarchy of road users with vans and larger vehicles lower on the pecking order.

This means that they have more responsibility for the safety of other road users such as pedestrians.

Those who do have safety cameras agree that the benefits are worth the investment.

73% of respondents rated vehicle cameras and recording technology as a 4 or 5 out of 5.



How Can We Help?

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Fleet Tech Reduces Accidents