Engines Off Campaign To Tackle London Emissions

Engines Off Campaign To Tackle London Emissions
A webinar run by The Engines Off Campaign took place this week to highlight the serious air pollution issues in London.
This event is focusing on the emissions caused by drivers leaving their vehicles idling.
Run in partnership with Idling Action London, The ‘Engines off. Every Stop’ campaign gives London’s drivers a clear action to cut unnecessary pollution and improve the health of the capital.
Idling Action’s #EnginesOff campaign is asking fleet operators and businesses to pledge to cut out idling and excessive vehicle emissions.
The campaign is supported by the Mayor of London, the British Safety Council, and 31 London local authority partners.
The Engines Off webinar will feature speakers from Idling Action London, British Safety Council, Mace Group, and Marston Holdings.

The event will cover three main topics:

  • Occupational health and the role vehicle emissions play
  • What businesses are doing to reduce air pollution
  • How to support Idling Action London’s Engines Off fleet campaign
The campaign focuses on companies whose drivers operate in and around London but encourages fleets from across the UK to support their cause.

Why is this important?

Idling vehicles continue to release engine emissions which can be toxic to those around them. Idling Action found that these emissions are linked to 4,100 deaths in London each year.
Mike Robinson, Chief Executive at the British Safety Council, commented:
“Air pollution is the UK’s largest environmental health risk […] the links between air pollution and illness are increasing. We need concrete action to reduce air pollution and tackling engine idling is a vital part of that. This will help save lives and protect outdoor workers from toxic air.”
Besides the health implications, a study from Transport Research Foundation (TRF) found that it can cost up to 3p for every minute spent idling.
This means that 10 minutes of idle driving per day can cost over £116 a year.
The study also found that idling for 30 seconds produces twice as much pollution and wastes more fuel than switching off and restarting your engine.

How can we help?

Our range of cutting-edge telematics solutions can help your fleet drive safely and cut emissions by encouraging more efficient driving.
Our Kinesis Atom also gives your drivers a ranking score on their driving, including a score on their idling levels.
Engines Off Campaign To Tackle London Emissions