Drivers Struggling With New Highway Code

Drivers Struggling With New Highway Code


A recent survey has found that changes to the highway code have left some drivers confused.

The survey conducted by Venson Automotive Solutions asked drivers about the proposed changes to the highway code. The changes include introducing a ‘hierarchy of road users’. The highest priority goes to those most at risk, such and pedestrians and cyclists.
The proposed changes are part of a £338 million Government investment into promoting “active travel” across the UK. But the study shows that drivers have limited knowledge of the current Highway Code.



  • 35% of drivers thought it was a legal requirement to allow a bus to pull out at bus stops. But this isn’t true.
  • 29% also thought it was acceptable to break the law to let an emergency vehicle pass. This is also not true.
  • Currently, the code requires drivers to stop at zebra crossings if a pedestrian is already crossing. But only 27% of drivers knew this. The new proposed rule would mean that drivers need to give way to pedestrians if they are waiting to cross as well. 74% of those surveyed said this would be a good change.


A Welcomed Change

  • Another change would see cyclists move into single-file to allow a vehicle to pass. 60% of drivers agreed with this rule change.



Alison Bell, marketing director at Venson Automotive Solutions said:

“Knowing the Highway Code is essential in making our roads safer places. Depending on the severity, and whether or not the rules are legal requirements, breaking the rules of the Highway Code could lead to prosecution, points on your license, fines or even a custodial sentence.”


When Will The Changes Come Into Effect?

Drivers can expect the changes to kick in early 2022 if Parliament approves them.


How Can We Help?

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Drivers Struggling With New Highway Code