Dashcams Catch Dangerous Driving

Dashcams Catch Dangerous Driving


UK drivers are taking road safety into their own hands by recording dangerous driving on dashcams.

A study has shown that drivers are uploading videos from their dashcams of fellow drivers committing road offences.

The National Dash Cam Safety Portal reported a 60% increase in video uploads of drivers behaving dangerously in the last three months alone.

Dashcam brand Nextbase operates the portal. It allows drivers to upload any footage from their dashcam or phone that shows dangerous driving.

In the last year, Nextbase says they have seen an 85% increase in video uploads. They believe this is due to the easing of lockdowns and more drivers on the road. With many people staying at home during the lockdown, safe road habits have slipped for many drivers.

Police are taking advantage of this free surveillance media. 38 out of the 43 UK police forces have logged into the portal. This has allowed police to issue penalties to those who are a danger on the road.



Head of Road Safety at Nextbase Bryn Brooker said:

“Drivers are taking more care in their own driving, while also being more vigilant of the driving of those around them. By working together, we can identify those that shouldn’t be behind a wheel, and keep the roads safer.”


Useful Data

Last year around 40% of the footage uploaded to the portal lead to some form of police action. Actions included fixed-penalty notices (PCNs) driver-awareness courses and court prosecutions in extreme cases.

The data showed West Mercia police force had the highest rise in portal submissions. The force saw a 140% increase in footage submissions.


Other forces that saw significant increases were:

  • Cumbria
  • Lincolnshire
  • Lancashire
  • Wiltshire


How can we help?

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Dashcams Catch Dangerous Driving