Dashcam Users Set To Rise

Dashcam users set to rise

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A pioneering dashcam initiative by North Wales Police is set to adopted by the whole of Wales.


In 2017, North Wales Police launched Operation Snap, which is an online portal which allows members of the public to submit dashcam videos of driving offences.
As a result of the initiative, a large number of prosecutions and fines were issued. The scheme was so successful that the government announced funding for a two-year road safety action plan.

A recent poll by the AA showed that:

  • 2/3 of drivers could be using dashcams in the coming months
  • 20% already own one
  • 51% are thinking about owning one


Reasons for ownership

  • 60% crash liability
  • 25% protection about against cash for crash fraudsters

Another study showed that 25% of respondents believed that dashcams should be compulsory.


Janet Connor, the AA’s director of insurance welcomed the news saying:

“Data is king in the event of a collision and dashcam footage provides proper, reliable evidence that can establish fault. What’s more, it can and, based on the Operation Snap evidence does, lead to the prosecution of dangerous drivers.

“So, government funding to enable police to analyse dashcam evidence submitted by the public, whether from a dash-cams, cyclists’ helmet-cams or smartphone footage is to be welcomed it helps to improve road safety and the North Wales police initiative suggests that it does.

“Similarly, dash-cam evidence submitted to insurance companies can be decisive in ensuring that fault can be properly attributed where otherwise, circumstantial evidence and witness statements may suggest a different outcome,”


Find out more about Operation Snap here


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