Coronavirus Advice for Drivers – infographic

coronavirus advice infographic


Coronavirus Advice for Drivers

During this time of crisis, lorry and delivery drivers are crucial in keeping vital supply chains operating.
Here are some key pieces of advice to keep them active and on the road.

You have the legal right to use toilets and washing facilities at every site you deliver to.

Regularly wipe down surfaces:

  • door handles
  • gearknobs
  • steering wheels


Most drivers have been advised to leave parcels on door steps and stand well back after ring door bells to avoid close contact.

Make sure you have all the provisions you need before setting out as panic buying may cause delays.

Social media will be full of wacky theories and conjecture about the virus, stick to official advice.

Some drivers are being made longer hours and late at night. Remember to take a 45 minute break every 4 and a half hours.


For official advice on coronavirus, go to: