Congestion Costs Fleets

Congestion Costs Fleets


A new study has shown that congestion has cost UK fleets billions of pounds.

Data from the Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard found that UK fleets lost income and working hours due to congestion. The study looked at fleet activity across the UK.



A spokesperson for Inrix Global said:

“Analytics on mobility, traffic and traffic signals, parking and population movement help city planners and engineers make data-based decisions to prioritize spending to maximize benefits and reduce costs now and into the future. Access to reliable data is the first step in tackling congestion. Applying big data to create intelligent transportation systems is key to solving urban mobility problems.”

The data found that fleet drivers spent an average of 73 hours stuck in traffic during 2021. The study also estimates that congestion has cost the UK businesses £8 billion in revenue. This is around £595 for every driver caught in congestion.
This is a sharp increase from last year. The UK road network saw fewer vehicles on the road during 2020 due to the pandemic and national lockdowns. This meant drivers spent an average of 37 hours in traffic jams over the year. But fleets were the worst hit in 2019 when drivers spent an average of 115 hours in congestion.


Worst Affected Areas

The worst-hit areas for congestion are:

  • London (148 hours)
  • Cambridge (75 hours)
  • Bristol (66 hours)

But Exeter saw the largest increase in delay times, going up 27% from 2019. The study suggests that national lockdowns resulted in less traffic on the roads, making it easier for fleets to operate. April 2020 saw a 75% decrease in traffic to major cities. The busiest corridors in the UK during 2020 were all in London, seeing drivers stuck in up to 42 hours of congestion over the year. Outside of London, Belfast’s A644 East road was the worst for congestion. This saw drivers sending an average of 15 hours a year in traffic.


How Can We Help?

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Congestion Costs Fleets