Clampdown on Reckless Drivers is Working

woman drives car whilst texting


According to the Ministry of Justice data, stricter driving laws are having a positive impact.


Mobile Phone Use

In March 2017, higher fines were introduced to combat mobile phone use whilst driving. Fines and points were doubled to £200 and 6 points.

In the period from May to December 2017, the number of fines decreased dramatically by 44% The number of offenders went from 11052 to 6175.

Based on information from the last five years, there has been a decline of 59% in offences.



In April 2017, fines were drastically altered to take in to account the driver’s income. Fines are now up to 150% of a person’s wage and up to 6 penalty points.

Based on information from the previous years’ offences, there was an 8.3% decrease in the number of fines issued. In May to December 2016, there were 110863 compared to 101654 in the same period in 2017.

This decrease has halted a steady, annual rise that began in 2013.



The initiatives employed by the government are positively affecting the way drivers behave and there is now factual evidence to strengthen their policies.

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