10 Oct Thinking of buying a diesel car? – Infographic



  • Diesel cars get 8.9 more mpg than petrol which is a saving of £200 a year
  • New cars are up to 22% cheaper to purchase
  • Better fuel efficiency on motorway driving
  • Better vehicle resale values
  • Less mechanical repairs needed
  • More torque, more responsive driving experience


  • It costs £2 more to fill an average 50 litre tank
  • Higher car tax
  • Government policy now favouring petrol and electric vehicles
  • Repairs can be more expensive
  • Reliance on fossil fuels


Diesel vehicles are the ideal choice, if you spend longer in your vehicle and you travel more than 12,000 miles a year.

The savings from greater fuel economy in motorway driving outweighs other associated costs.

The NOx scandal has shifted public perception of diesel vehicles.

As a result – diesel cars have dropped in price and current government policy is seeking to incentivise the use of petrol and electric vehicles.


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